DIY Plumbing Now Legal In Western Australian Homes

Did you know it was previously illegal in Western Australia to tackle even simple plumbing works within your own home?

WA laws governing plumbing work have changed this year to allow WA residents to carry out basic plumbing maintenance and replacement tasks in their home, including replacing a showerhead and plunging their toilet.

This change is far overdue and will allow WA residents to gain fundamental skills they can use within their daily lives.

WA residents can now legally carry out certain basic plumbing tasks within their home including:

  • Maintenance, repair, or replacement of a shower head.
  • Maintenance or repair of a tap, other than a thermostatic mixing tap.
  • Replacement of a cistern washer.
  • Replacement of a water filter cartridge.
  • Clearing a blocked fixture or waste pipe by using a plunger.

At Plumbing Bros, we strongly believe in our vision to change the perception of plumbing through educating our clients to learn more and solve their plumbing problems.

We welcome these changes as an opportunity for Western Australians to engage further with the plumbing infrastructure and maintenance issues within their home.

To learn more about how to solve common plumbing and maintenance repair issues that can occur within your home, visit our articles within the Plumbing Bros Blog page or check out our handy how-to videos.

If you have had a crack at your plumbing tasks at home and it hasn’t worked the way you thought it would, or if you have a plumbing problem that requires a licensed plumber, book with you local Plumbing Bros team.