Why Do You Need To Book A Plumbing Home & Safety Check This Winter?

When the winter chills arrive, pipes get cold, hot water is used more frequently and our home’s and devices start breaking down or showing their age. A Home Check is a great way to identify any potential plumbing & gas issues before they occur.

Don’t wait until the hot water doesn’t work, your roof starts to leak, your gutters and drains overflow, or your tanks need pumping. The rains are here and it’s so much cheaper to plan and get things organised before they breakdown or fail.

If you have recently bought a house, are thinking about selling, in Real Estate, or provide Property Management & Maintenance, you should consider booking a Plumbing & Home Safety Check with us today.

Call your local Plumbing Bros team on 1300 092 429 now to book your Plumbing & Home Safety Checks to be prepared before it too late this Winter.

How Can You Tell If Your Home Is At Risk?

By conducting a home check you can identify any potential plumbing and gas issues before they occur and save a significant amount of money in repair and damage costs.

Most properties do not have any information needed in the event of an emergency or documented records detailing their homes plumbing, gas and connected services.

Home Plumbing & Safety Checks are a cost effective solution to record critical information for emergency situations to prepare yourself before the worst case scenario occurs in your home.

What’s Included In A Plumbing Home & Safety Check?

Plumbing home & safety checks are quick and affordable service to locate and record key information on your home in the case of an emergency. Services included can be:

  • Locate key facility meters
  • Obtain hot water unit condition
  • Recording sewage & emergency plan
  • Home safety check

Whether you are a new home owner or own an investment property, a home check can add value to your property with the following services.

Does Your Property Have A Plan Ready?

If you have purchased a new property and do not have a plan or written record of the home’s connected services, you should consider booking a New Home Owner’s Check.

New home owner checks will provide you with up to date information about the location and condition of you plumbing & gas facilities of the house to ensure everything is safe and in working performance.

If you’re not too sure if your house is in need of a check, give us a call at 1300 092 429 and we can provide further information and a free quote on the day.