Director / CEO

James Riddle is one of 3 co-founders of Plumbing Bros, founder of Plumbing Bros Franchising and current CEO of the Plumbing & Electrical Bros Group.

James has a passion for business and is consistently seeking ways to drive efficient and profitable network growth within the Plumbing Bros Group. In his role as CEO, James provides coaching and development to the existing network and support teams, as well as driving new franchise recruitment.

Having completed a plumbing apprenticeship as a teenager, James started his first business at 21. Growing this business to a team of 12 in less than 5-years, James learnt the hard way that there is a lot more involved in owning your own business than passion and determination. Due to a lack of training and experience, this business was forced to voluntarily liquidate in 2014.

Learning from this experience, together with fellow co-founders, Joe, and Jos, James started Plumbing Bros in 2017. With a core focus on consistent, 5-star customer service and keen attention to the business metrics that drive efficiency, Plumbing Bros quickly grew from 3 to 5 and now within 6 years, to over 100 hardworking employees, across 10 franchised locations servicing over 27,000 clients per year.

James has an extreme growth mentality which drives his passion to build businesses from the ground up using his knowledge and experiences to help others succeed. As such, he has big ambitions for Plumbing Bros to cover over 78 territories and become a trusted household name in every single state and territory of Australia by 2027.

James believes that if you say you are going to do something, then do it – this has fast become his number one core value.

Not only an avid businessman, James is also a passionate AFL supporter, an enthusiastic traveller, and a devoted family man. Along his wife Michaela and two dogs Cuddles and Walter, their lives got a whole lot bigger with their first child born April last year.