Plumbing Bros
Photo of Plumbing Bros Browns Plains Director, Dhaval.

Dhaval brings a unique blend of experience to Plumbing Bros, having spent over 3 years in the hospitality industry and 5 years as a business operator and maker in the fast-food retail sector. With a master’s degree in business with Honors, Dhaval combines his business acumen with a passion for plumbing.

What drew Dhaval to the Plumbing Bros franchise was its innovative business model, which opens the doors of the plumbing industry to non-plumbing entrepreneurs. He’s most excited about the unique business model and the comprehensive support from the head office that comes with owning a Plumbing Bros franchise.

For Dhaval, a successful client experience is defined by delivering 5-star customer service while aligning with Plumbing Bros’ vision of changing the perception of plumbing. This means being punctual, polite, and ensuring clean and accurate work.

He lives by the advice to treat everyone the way he expects to be treated, emphasizing respect for elders and love for younger people.

Dhaval’s happy place is undoubtedly his home, but he also finds solace in the breathtaking beauty of the Maldives. When he’s not working, Dhaval enjoys riding his motorbike and indulging in his self-made version of Alfredo pasta. He’s also a fan of the All Blacks when it comes to sports.