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Every year thousands of Australians are seeing the light and choosing energy from the sun. But investing in solar energy is a big decision. Don’t be swayed by a quick deal and lose sight of what matters most: quality, efficiency and long-term reliability.

Why you should insist on solar hot water system?

An unrivalled commitment to quality and testing.
All solar hot water systems are designed and manufactured for the harshest Australian conditions. Quality is ingrained in everything we do and every component is rigorously tested to ensure minimal energy losses and maximum energy yields.

Australia’s free energy experts for over 60 years
Starting with a free on-site solar assessment, we’ll recommend the right system, the right size, and the right configuration for your budget and your energy consumption. Using our solar savings calculator, we’ll then estimate the savings you’ll make by switching to solar. Our hot water solar systems are only available through authorised solar dealers and our professional installers are fully trained to exacting standards.

Create a more sustainable lifestyle
By switching to an energy source that’s clean and green, like solar, you’ll create a more sustainable lifestyle and help reduce your carbon footprint.

Roof Mounted Hot Water Systems
Our range of thermosiphon systems feature roof-mounted solar collectors closely coupled to a storage tank and are perfect for people with limited space at ground level. The system is both reliable and low maintenance, as it does not require a pump to circulate fluid around the system.

Split Solar Systems
These systems combine slim roof-mounted collectors with a tank that can be installed discreetly on the ground for minimal visual impact. Split systems use an electric pump to circulate fluid from the tank through the collectors to harness the suns energy. Contact Plumbing Bros for your new Solar Hot Water System.

Solar Hot Water System – without any compromises
Key Features:

– Wide range of collectors designed for Australian conditions.
– Reliable, low maintenance operation
– Stylish slimline design on split systems for minimum visual impact
– Roof-mounted tanks feature solar supershield enamel protection