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$1,060.00 ex GST


Cylinder Warranty: 10 Years
Spare Parts and Labour: 12 Months

Size and Dimensions

Height: 925 mm | Diameter: 490 mm
Capacity: 88 ltr | Electrical Entry Height: 85 mm
Inlet Height: 160 mm
Outlet Height: 735 mm
Approximate Weight (empty): 41 kg


• Hot Water Lagging
• Major works PLB certification (compliance law)
• Supply of new hot and cold relief valves
• Removal of old unit and box from site
• Includes original fault finding visit up to 30 mins only (same visit)
• 6-year installation warranty
• Leave the user manual with the client/tenant
• To commission and submit compliance paperwork

Technical Information

Element Size: 3.6 kW
Hot Water Delivery: 80 ltr
Relief Valve Setting: 1000 kPa
Relief Valve Temperature: 99 deg C
Relief Valve Power Rating (kW): 10 kW
System Connections: Dual Handed
Information: * Available in 400L, 315L,
250L, 160L,125L and 80L
* All units available in 3.6kw * Dual Handed

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