$880.00 ex GST

Product Information

Product Type: Instantaneous Electric
Hot Water System
Installation: Internal
Installation Requirement: Installation
requirements as per AS/NZS3000
and AS/NZS3500.4.2 as well as local

Technical Information

Amps: 18 Amps
Electrical Supply: 18 Amps per phase

Note: will price match any written quote


Colour: White


• Hot Water Lagging
• Provide Plumbing Certification
• Dispose of old unit and box into client/tenant’s bin
• Includes original fault finding visit up to 30 mins only (same visit)
• All plumbing & electrical
• LIFETIME WARRANTY on workmanship
• Leave the user manual with the client/tenant

Additional extras

• For electrical disconnect/reconnect – additional $180 +
• If the cold-water isolation valve is a garden tap, the original DUO Valve (too many water hammer issues)
OR leaking in any way then this MUST be changed. An extra $50+ will be added to supply and install
15mm Tomson NRI ball valve
• NOTE: These units are not 100% sufficient to control an entire house/unit/apartment style set up.
We recommend upgrading to gas (if available) as first preference, electric storage as second preference
OR Steibel DHB-e13 as third preference. Only install Super X unit if no other option is available.
• If there is an electrical fault on completion that requires new fuse wire OR a 20amp plug in breaker
add an extra $50+