SIEMENS White Finish Freestanding 60 cm Dishwasher

Site quote required

Key Specifications

VarioSpeed: Up to 50% faster wash
programs without sacrificing wash
and drying results
HydroSafe: 24 hour anti-flood
protection, guaranteed


5 year warranty

** Colour subject to availability


• Disconnect existing dishwasher (if applicable)
• Position new dishwasher in suitable space provided
• Connect cold water line (using only hose supplied with dishwasher) to existing cold water dishwasher connection
• Connect drain outlet (using only hose supplied with dishwasher) to existing kitchen sink trap spigot
• Plug in power lead to existing 10 amp power point (using only lead supplied with dishwasher)
• Set-up dishwasher feet to maximum height and level accordingly
• Install kickboard supplied with dishwasher (if applicable)
• Test dishwasher and show client how to operate
• Clean up any job related debris – new dishwasher box removed to client/tenants bin only

Additional Extras

• Supply and install 2-way water diversion valve (combi valve) = $50+
• Supply and install drain extension hose = $50+
• Supply and install suitable kitchen sink trap with dishwasher drain spigot = $30+
• Remove existing appliance from site = $50+
• Notes: Stainless steel may incur addition charges

Want to bring your own?

• To change over like-for-like client supplied dishwasher = $120+