Westinghouse 60cm NG Stove/Oven

Site quote required

Key Specifications

Finish Colour: Stainless Steel
Oven Fuel Type: Natural Gas
Cooktop Type: Gas burners
Height (mm): 916 mm
Width (mm): 596 mm

Oven Volume: 80 Litres
Depth (mm): 632 mm
Warranty: 2 Year domestic warranty on
all parts and labour with in home service
Accessories included: 2 x Oven wire
racks and 1 x grill and insert


Trivets: Cast Iron
Cooktop Burners: 4 Burners

Burner Specifications

Burner Material: Cast Iron
Ignition: Electronic


Number of Programs: 1 Programs
Fan bake

Other Features

Oven Type: Upright Oven/Stove
Timer Functions: 2-hour mechanical timer
Grill location: Separate gas grill
Control type: Control knob
Number of shelf positions: 5
Finish Colour Description: Mark-resistant
stainless steel exterior and a pyrolux,
high temperature enamel interior


1 x 25 Watt oven light
2 x shelves
Easy-clean oven
Easy clean formed shelf supports
120-minute mechanical timer
Anti-tilt plate
Telescopic grill runner


• Manometer test houses gas line. NOTE: If a gas leak is present, entire job will be charged at time and materials
• Disconnect existing gas appliance
• Install and connect new gas appliance
• Adjust legs to ensure upright stove is level and finished height is 10mm above benchtop height for compliance
• Test gas appliance and instruct client how to operate
• Clean up any job-related rubbish/debris to client/tenant’s bin only
• Attach gas compliance badge to meter box and submit paperwork to gas authority
• Remove all rubbish and appliances that have been altered by tradesman from site and dispose of accordingly.

Additional Extras

• Identify unsatisfactory compliance items due to recent updates in the Australian Standards
(Regulator must be accessible; flex hose cannot penetrate cupboards; if a shepherd’s hook is required
on the gas line at the rear of the stove — add an extra $50+ if existing connection is coming from approx.
1m high OR an extra $80+ if coming from the floor — these extras will all quoted on-site should they be required
• Trim cabinetry/benchtop to fit new appliance add an extra $25+
NOTE: Adding cabinetry not included and will be referred to our handyman/cabinet maker)
• Supply and install single 10-amp power point for gas appliance ignition (if no safety switch installed
at electrical switch board, it is against regulations to have a new power point installed)
Subject to site inspection – add an extra $180+
• If there is no existing gas oven present, then an on-site quotation will be required
• If unit is hardwired, electrical = $180 +
• Removal of uprights from site = $60+

Want to bring your own?

• To change over client supplied like-for-like gas upright stove = $250+

*** Additional extras may apply for compliance (see additional extras above) ***